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Convention Internationale
Paris 2003


Voici la version anglaise de la lettre ouverte qui a été adressée à Derek Burney
(Corel) et publiée sur divers newsgroups américains et français.


On October 24 and 25, 2003, a Convention on Paradox attracted over 50 developers and users in Paris, with the important participation of developers from six countries outside France.

During this Convention, the representative of Corel France indicated that a Version 12 of WordPerfect Suite was due to be published during the course of 2004. He also mentioned that no decision on the creation of a new version of Paradox had yet been taken. The actual existence of the professional version of the WordPerfect Suite seems to be also in doubt.

The delegates reminded him that they were often faced with distrust from their clients - Paradox appearing to them as an old and out of date product - but that it was often sufficient to show some developments to overcome such distrust. The opinion of all the delegates is that the reason for the idea that aradox is an obsolete product is the absence of marketing of the product since its acquisition by the Corel Company.

The speeches of the experts present amply demonstrated that Paradox remains a very useful and usable piece of software, well adapted for the present technical environment, and particularly for the Internet.

The success of this Convention has proved that Paradox has a skilled and enthusiastic community of users and developers.

It became obvious to all the delegates at the Convention that the absence of Paradox in the Suite to come would be a serious mistake and would shortly doom the WordPerfect Suite itself.

We highly wish that the Corel Company and its new owner the Vector Company takes into account the contribution that Paradox can make, despite the slender resources given to it.

This letter will be pusblished on cnews and pnews forums.

Kind regards,

The organizers of the Convention,

Jacques Chaillot, Come de Christen, Michel Claveau, Régis duc Dodon.

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